what we do.

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    We work on getting to know you, to recognise your desired outcome and internal requirements, workshopping favourable layouts to maximise the space whether you need a strategy to increase value or for a long term investment. We will analyse and edit your references with a skilled eye, translating them into an original concept you love, free of any kind of design snobbery. We supply design advice specific to your project by suggesting a finessed spatial master-plan based on practical modern usage and your budget.
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    Whether your project allows for alterations of the existing floor plan, or for a complete new overhaul, we will advise if these design changes will require formal Council approval, and will recommend the right independant consultants if required, to get your plans approved. From there, we document a practical solution to achieve optimum results. Unlike some professions that claim to offer everything, we specialise in the Interior selections, bringing the finer details to life at a high standard, not a basic standard.
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    The core of our projects are our materials selections and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. We utilise the design principles in order to maximise the materials’ end usage. We'll recommend and develop a cohesive scheme to get the best balance for your personality and style and to emphasise for the best structural elements and light within the space. We’ll pass on our best fixtures and finishes trade discounts that you'll only get by working with a qualified Designer.
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    We are experienced in providing all the technical drawings, renders and schedules required for your builder or trade to begin construction on Custom joinery or furniture. + Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections + Technical drawings for Custom Joinery Details + 3D Models and Rendered Animations + CUSTOM Furniture Specifications
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    We pride ourselves in working to an efficient timeline, adapting to the challenges of changing budgets, lead times for products, and the onsite processes of renovations or new builds. We're there onsite managing the project alongside your builder, trades or architect during installation, checking samples and ensuring the specified materials are as intended. We understand construction language and documentation, and have the skills and experience to remedy any problems onsite, so that you don't have to.
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    With 17 years experience in professional product styling, we are well practised in visualising the final picture so that we can finish the Interior space with a full Furniture and Accessory solution. We can work with your existing pieces and your budget, and will devise a furnishing scheme to suit the architectural qualities of the space. We believe that with the expert knowledge and training we have to address the final decorating details, your new Interior space can truly sing.