Posted: 9th JULY 2019

We've locked in the most beautiful Dolomite marble slabs for our Twin Peaks House. These pieces are from a particularly special block at CDK Stone, and will make up the island bench, back bench and splashback. Can't wait to see it in place.


Posted: 24th April 2019

And so our Twin Peaks House project finally kicks off this week. It's a residential knockdown / New Build set on 233m2 with loads of inclusions, and has been developing for the best part of two years. More to come as that one gets out of the ground. 

Posted: 9th April 2019

Our most favourite project of the last 9 months is now complete. Luna Milan is the third and final addition to our tribe. Hopefully she will develop a love for sorting  paint colours according to tonal value and editing through tile samples, just like her older sisters!


Posted: 22nd January 2019

The Harrington House project is up and away. This one had its selections stripped back a little due to budget, which meant unforunately some of the statement interior inclusions had to go. The house will still be a decent size at 550 m2 with 4bd, kitchen with secondary appliances in the butlers, full size wine fridges, two living areas with fireplaces, a seperate dining, pool with water feature, gym, and 3 bath including an ensuite off the master with its own balcony. This house was designed by Adan Creative Designs.

Posted: 14th January 2019

Our latest Bella Vista House project is getting off the ground and is currently having its Interior finishes and fixtures selected.


Posted: 7th January 2019

Its a Happy New Year as many of the projects we we're working on in 2018 are taking shape. This investment property we specifyed the external and internal colours for is completed and prepares to have its tenants move in. The brief for this was for budget-friendly, hard-wearing, low maintenance Internal and External materials. We used joinery finishes from Polytec in Prime Oak and Notaio Walnut and Caesarstone in White Attica. Tiles were from a selection at TileArte. The External colours are Colorbond Monument for darker trims and driveway tint, Basalt for roof and gutters, Shale Grey for the entrance feature. Bricks are PGH in Blue Steel Flash.

Posted: 20th december 2018

The last quarter of 2018 has seen us working across 4 projects. The #harringtonhouse specifications have been handed in and is currently under construction. Our #BooraraResidence project in Oatley is well under way and we’ll hopefully have some progress pics in the New Year,  where the interiors will feature. Our #whitehouse project is a notable one for the last couple of months. It’s taken months of selections to get it fitting just right. The architect and I were really happy with where it was at once the selections were handed in, we’re now awaiting the builder selection before we can see construction kick off on that one in 2019. We’ve just recently amended the interior architecture on our #twinpeakshouse project, in order to work in some statement Qasair rangehoods that will sit proudly within a lightwell over the kitchen benchtop. This also meant revising some of the planning for appliances etc. We think it’s a worthwhile addition to the space. This project will continue to be planned and specified over the next couple of months into 2019, as demolition and construction will be underway first week of February. We’ve just been briefed by our new client for a project in Sydney’s North West, which will be in design stages in early 2019, as it’s currently having its slabs and framing done and that one will need to have all design selections confirmed.  

 Starting a new Interior Design business was as tough as it was when I launched my freelance fashion styling company back in 2010, as this time around I'm juggling working from home with raising two tiny toddlers. The transition from my Styling business to working in Interior Design has presented it's own challenges that at times had me feeling like I was straddling the two industries, trying to balance where I was with where I wanted to be. But we got there! Thanks to all clients and suppliers for the support throughout what was a busy 2018. All the best for a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.


Posted: 8th November 2018

Hoorah for the 38 pages of specs completed for the WhiteHouse project I've been busy with. Full of Finishes and Fixtures that I am truly genuinely proud of, and that I would be thrilled to have in my own home.

Posted: 11th october 2018

Some quick hand sketches to communicate layout to the client for a new home on a 700sq.m. site at Sydney's Harrington Grove. This project came to me with a tender that was budget focused, with many of the appliances and PC items already selected. It involves my design direction for finishes and colours thoughout, to make the scheme work as cohesively as possible, from the front facade, through the house and out to the back alfresco area.


Posted: 3rd October 2018

Am so happy with the materials I put together for a client in Russia who is moving into their new home in Sydney once it's been built. Many of these styles, like the CDK Superwhite stone and the Axolotl Slate smooth finish are items I will be using in my own home, also. It's a beautiful thing when the architecture of the home guides the interior selections and it all works in harmony.  Can't wait to see this project come to life.

Posted: 29th september 2018

Have spent a rainy day this week getting together some New Business marketing material, and more business cards.


Posted: 21st september 2018

We're currently working on an end to end Interior design project for a new residential property to be built on an estate in Sydney's West. The client, from Russia, will be immegrating to Oz during the build, and for now, has been facilitating the whole design approval process via correspondance and a translator! In cases like this, quick hand sketches of certain perspectives or even joinery detail, rarely fail to communicate the idea.

Posted: 10th august 2018

The clients at our Oatley project have asked for craftsman and heritage features throughout the home, despite the fact it is a brand new build, with few development limitations. It's so refreshing to be sourcing from suppliers of traditional plaster details, decorative timber and iron trims. With with a nod  to provincial style in the fixtures, hardware, and lighting- can't wait to see the build begin on this one.


Posted: 20th july 2018

The scheme and joinery design for the Hartley project.
To include: butlers pantry, custom cedar panelling, modern shaker style cabinetry, concealed appliances,  exposed frames, stone bench, and a tiled rangehood that climbs all the way up to an open skylight. This kitchen is 7metres long, which is a generous size for Sydney surrounding suburbs, so enough space to allow the materials to really pack some punch.

Posted: 2nd july 2018

I have just returned from a short R+R trip to beautiful Bali, where the time was spent day tripping, lying by the villa pool, and dining at as many of the fab new restaurants as possible. Bali's Interior Design is incredibly current, which was so unexpected. It was excellent to see just as many  innovative techiniques used in finishes and applications of all the restaurants, bars, beach clubs, retail hotspots as in Australia- if not more on the pulse!
Had time to squeeze in a visit to Kunti II to look at some direct wholesalers for timber + leather  furniture artisans. Beautiful craftsmanship by the Indonesians.


Posted: 23rd june 2018

Images just released for a job i styled for the Triple M Grill Team, which involved sourcing loads of 70's and 90's clothing to the theme of 'Awkward Family Photos'. Looks just as awkward as it was fitting the boys into this gear...!

Posted: 18th june 2018

Our status changed on the tracking website yesterday- Approved on Appeal. At times it felt like I'd literally never see the day. Going through the process of obtaining our construction certificate at the moment so watch this space.


Posted: 16th june 2018

Have just finished 3 loooooooong 12 hour days working for Cherie Barber at her Renovating for Profit bootcamp in Sydney as part of her crew.  It was a chance for me to meet some like-minded renovators while fine-tuning my investment and Cosmetic/ Strudtural renovation skills. Had a blast.

Posted: 6th june 2018

This week I've been speccing some materials for a Seniors Living Development in Blaxland, which is a group of six 2-3 bedroom townhouses. As always, the interior palette was guided by the architects' external material scheme and was carried through inside.
I also worked at the Sydney Home Show last weekend representing the property styling company I work for Evolve Styling. Was great talking to people about their builds and renovations, and to meet other exhibitors.

Posted: 30th may 2018

It's colour that's inspiring me right now. Pinky creamy hues, deep sagey greens and blues, and just the right balance of a rusty brown leather tone in the mix. All balanced with crisp Dulux Vivid White. This one is the beginnings of a Kitchen and living scheme.

Posted: 15th may 2018

I thought I’d provide an update here about the New Build my husband and I have been planning for our family's dream home.
After 14 painful months of limbo’ing in and out of Inner West Council, it looks like we finally have our plans approved for a new build via an S34 Agreement with Council and the Land + Environment Court.  We were aware of Leichhardt’s notorious tighter controls around heritage and conservation, which we also respect, but we weren’t quite prepared for just how outdated they would be around any kind of planning + development. It all started as an exciting project, and we were thrilled to be able to embark on a new build in Rozelle, as non-heritage listed properties on decent sized blocks in Balmain / Rozelle are hard to come by. Our site apparently had a lot of things going for it, as it had a wide frontage, both adjacent properties had high walls with no windows, there were little privacy issues, and the existing property was in terrible condition, worthy of a knockdown- but it had a pretty decent footprint.
We endured a 6 month long design stage with a Leichhardt Council experienced Architect we admired. We had more than half a dozen revisions, only to have Council immediately reject our first submission, and request we withdraw. We expected a bit of this banter so weren’t too phased and we withdrew our application.  We enlisted a property lawyer, and an expert planner who used to work for Leichhardt Council.  We then decided to mutally part ways with our architect. We found a new  Architect with Land + Environment Court experience, anticipating we would end up there. We revised our plans again, contracted another 3-4 consultants to substantiate our amendments, and were ready to resubmit to Council , 11 months after we started the process. Council responded by saying they required additional information. We obtained more information from our consultants and we resubmitted again. Our submission sat pending over a long and painful Christmas and Summer period while we waited for Council to do their site inspections, consultants reports, and their Notification period., anticiating the result.  Councils Building Surveyor said our plans were fine. Their engineer said our plans were fine. Their Landscape Assessment gets the all clear. There was no sign of the all-important Heritage response, when Council suddenly requested we Withdraw Our Application again. Deemed Refusal. They wanted us to amend the balcony on the front façade to become two separate small balconies off each bedroom (although the existing house has one large balcony). Delete the pool. Move the rainwater tank to external location. Some changes to first floor windows. We were still awaiting the heritage response for our dilapidated old cottage, that was built in 1983 and is not listed as a heritage item, but IS however in a heritage conservation area.
Many of our favourite new houses have a history of ending up in court, so we decide to Appeal our case and go straight to the Land Environment Court. Our Legal team prepared some very  paperwork with lots of terminology that I didn't understand.  We were hoping to avoid going to Court- to save all parties’costs, and prepare to amend our plans to address the changes to balconies and rainwater tank that Council requested. In the meantime, our Heritage response comes in, after 4 months, and it seems favourable. It says our design is neutral on heritage grounds, and doesn’t negatively impact the streetscape. We think we’re home free! Our team also agrees. So we await our confirmation, citing a probable Approval. But then Council's Heritage team decided to change their mind. They now wants the two new balconies to become only Juliette balconies- no roofs and no sides, (again- this is in place of the proper existing balcony, with roof and side that is there at the moment. As this balcony is the only perspective that captures our city views, we were so disappointed about this). They asked us to remove any ‘dark’ colours from the façade including charcoal awning and black window trims. Remove the sandstone cladding from front elevation and replace with dated render . Our team advises we should agree as it would mean our preferred design was now 95% approved, pool and all, except for those elements of the facade they’ve requested changes for. So we amend our plans again to some petite little balconie’s that are pretty (but pretty pointless), we swap our sandstone for render, happy that we get to clad the majority of the house in Scyon, and we enter what’s called an S34 Agreement= Approved.
Now to work and save for a very long time…!! We will think again before running the Inner West Coucil gauntlet... more updates on the home and its construction via Instagram @sarahbonettinteriors and @houseonhartley


Posted: 9th may 2018

More computer based design this week, applying finishes to our design and custom joinery via SketchUp. I love seeing it come together in 3D. This is a great way to trial certain finishes together, as you can efficiently change colours and materials in different scenarios. It's also my favourite way to ensure the inside and outside are connected via their materials, when you can zoom around a model and see it all working together. 

Posted: 26th april 2018

I've spent most of the best part of a week working in SketchUp, one of my favourite programs for CAD rendering. I find it a really easy way to trial ideas to scale, working out spatial planning as I go. Sometimes this will allow me to see how problems could be solved in a better way.
The attached is for a 4br home in Sydney's Inner West.


Posted: 12th april 2018

Bathroom MOOD. Some references I've collated for a project in Sydney's Inner West, which will involve the renovation / update of two bathrooms on seperate levels. They need to feel fresh and modern, but sit cohesively with the other existing rooms.

Posted: 10th april 2018

This property had space for days! The styling package involved a full style as the property had just been developed and was going straight to market. Art selections, furniture and accessories were all chosen to give some personality to the existing creamy tone finishes.  

Posted: 30th march 2018

A new partial style I did at Erskineville recently. Challenging becuase of the tight existing spaces which made navigating the furniture and spatial planning a bit tricky- but we got there in the end, and had a happy client!

Posted: 21st March 2018

I could do it for days. There's nothing more I love to do than edit, curate, finesse, rearrange, finetune- whatever you want to call making something look pretty. Or prettier than it was.
This house in Cremorne was styled for sale recently by myself and two work colleagues and it came up a winner.

Posted: 6th March 2018

I'm finding time to sketch and work on some projects with the building and maintaining of my materials library in between, which never seems to end. Here's a snippet of one I have been developing a scheme for, that begins with the kitchen and entertaining zone as the hub of the home, and it unwraps from there as you move throughout the space.

Posted: 23rd February 2018

No garments were harmed in this picture.
It's never a good thing when you're too spoilt for choice. A recent sourcing expedition for my favourite clients over at Austereo resulted in piles of clothing for the shoot, bags and bags of it in fact. More on the exciting new concept we shot for the Triple M Grill Team to come. 

Posted: 19th february 2018

The mood board. Inspiration for a new design we're working on. Editing again and again is all part of refining the creative madness coming from all directions, as we are influenced by everything beautiful the world has to offer.

Posted: 15th February 2018

We're getting ready for some exciting new briefs, with some new materials deliveries from our favourite suppliers. We've got fresh new designer collection catalogues, materials swatch books and sample decks for the library- all just waiting to be used in our schemes.

Posted: 10th February 2018

Just listed:  More beauty in the Inner West of Sydney. The styling for this property focussed on a Mid-Century inspired furniture  solution, tapping into the eclectic buzzy vibe of Summer Hill. Pops of colour were introduced via the accessories to keep the space feeling energetic and alive!

Posted: 6th February 2018

Part of arriving at a cohesive styling scenario for this property in Rozelle, meant considering the property's flooring and it's traditional features. We worked with the timber elements throughout the home, and the beautiful natural skylights. We integrated modern furniture with  streamlined powdercoated legs and bases so the pieces would feel light and airy amongst the rest of the styling. We used colours that touched on the tropical oasis vibe outside the home, helping to bring the outdoors inside, as Australian homes do best.

Top images via Cobden + Hayson

Posted: 2nd February 2018

Just listed: A property I styled in Sydney's Inner West, and it's such a great demographic to style for- modern, fresh, and eclectic. These propertie's are often sprinkled with heritage and have mostly good bones but are sometimes in need of the right finishes to bring them to life for the property sale campaign. The right professional styling will add serious dollars to the final sale price. Well worth the investment.

Posted: 30th January 2018

2018 has seen us getting into a lot more property styling work this year, which has been really rewarding. Property stylists take into account the layout of the home, working on spatial planning solutions to maximise the feeling of space and flow through the home for the sale campaign. We consider the home's strong points, and the agents' marketing requirements, and put this all together with a styling package for the property that is demographically neutral and buyer friendly.


Posted: 23rd january 2018

This final finishes scheme was presented to a client at the end of 2017. The design concept had to feel cohesive across four levels within the home, but it also had to help to zone the spaces, even though the interior design was fairly open plan.

In the Interior Design process, once the materials are approved, it's then all costed, scheduled, and ordered, ironing out any issues with budgets, leadtimes and deliveries in the process along the way. It can feel a bit '2 steps forward, 1 step back' at times until we arrive at the final solution. This is all part of the challenge in getting it just right.

Posted: 5th january 2018

And so here we are again...

With the New Year comes fresh new goals. And I'm not talking about the abstaining from anything variety, as I believe anything in moderation is always key!

Along with learning the fluent languages I've promised to teach myself , this year I'm hoping to set-up and launch a bit of a passion project I've been working on thats completely unrelated to Interiors and Styling. And because I don't want to jinx myself I won't mention it here until it's done!

I'd love to complete a bunch of Interior projects I've got plans for. Along with developing the property styling I've been doing.
I want to continue to prioritise regular clients, and to make time for new business.

I'd love to have our dream home's architectural plans approved  asap. I want to fully schedule the Finishes, Fixtures + Fittings fso we can build early next year and be in by Christmas (too ambitious!?!?)

I want to travel overseas mid-year. Flights are booked- so we're part way there!

And I'd love to make it along to see the ballet  twice this year, at least once of those occasions with my eldest daughter who I think would be over the moon.

Cheers to 2018!


Posted: 11th december 2017

The New Dwelling my husband and I are working on for our family home has finally been submitted into Council for approval. It's been such a long time coming.  It's been almost exactly one year since we settled on the purchase of that property, which we'd been working towards for the bext part of half a decade. We'd always wanted to build a brand new dream home in Sydney's Inner West that we could raise a family in. Some career shifts for both of us, along with the arrival (and distraction!) of small children meant at times that dream home seemed to creep further away.  But its been exactly one full year of more site visits than I can count, more long design meetings that I can remember, a design team switch mid-design, and  list of various expert  consultants. We've arrived at a brilliant house design that is architecturally beautiful, incredibly functional, and is innovative and timeless at the same time. We're extremeley proud of the hard work so far, and I'm  looking forward to honing in on a beautiful materials scheme and specifying all the finishes and fixtures throughout the first part of 2018.  Exciting times ahead!

Posted: 22nd November 2017

The situation for today is materials everywhere!

Selections for our materials normally start with a huge shortlist of samples. From there we edit again and again, considering the product usage, product availability and the clients budget, tweaking the mateials scheme again and again until we arrive at a palette that works for aesthetics, performace, cost and importantly, for sustainability.

This client has function and aesthetics as top priority.

Posted: 22nd OCTOBER 2017

I've been a little occupied of late looking after an infant while trying to juggle work, so keeping up with the web updates and social media has unfortunately been on the backburner! Even finding my own time to be inspired on Pinterest and Insta etc often happens at night in front of the TV with a glass of wine...

The home office has sprawled into our kitchen / dining area as the need to spread out plans and materials often means a reclocation of the work space is required!

Posted: 3rd october 2017

In this interior space, a feature wall in Taubmans Secret Passage sits alongside British Paints' Love Note. Windows are framed in metallic rods for sheer layered curtains.  Bamboo flooring provides for a sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring solution. An 18th centrury wingback chair and lighting inspired by Jason Miller's Modo chandelier complete the look.

Posted: 16th august 2017

This week is all about getting a scheme that I've been working on signed off by the Client. After weeks of collecting imagery and inspiration, and then defining the emotional and practical needs of the Interior space, it's so satisfying to finally  be narrowing in on selections and booking in materials orders.

We've also been trying to tidy up the growing materials library. It's such a mammoth task trying to keep all the samples in order, so in an effort to have clean space and clean mind, we are culling the once-loved products and making way for new favourites.

Posted: 1st august 2017

Back into it! I'm now feeling refreshed and inspired after a bit of hazy time immersed in the smoochiness of a newborn. With an active two year old  also demanding my time, its been hard to do anything work-related for myself. But I'm now back to working on the things I love. I've had some time to froth over some of the amazing furniture design from this years' Salone del Mobile in Milan, and its also just nice to have some down time to pour over books magazines and images on social sites. 

Today I developed a scheme with some new finishes and colours I'm loving for a  project coming up. Still loving my monochromatic bases but with this one calls for highlights of salmon pink, burgundy and deep teal.

Looking forward to being  inspired by Maison D'Objet Paris in September.
(image borrowed from

Posted: 5th may 2017

There was so much beauty to come out of this years Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan.
Arrrgh the CC-Tapis Rugs!!! All beautifully handknotted by expert Tibetan artisans in day I will own one of these for myself! I loved the designs of Mae Engelgeer (left) and Patricia Urquiola (right).

Or there was the cursive 'Scribble' tables by Francesca Lanzavecchia for De Castelli that look like they're just dancing in space. Some of the best new Contemporary design.

Posted: 20th March 2017

I've been working on some new interior schemes for a project coming up thats due for submission.  Its for a 4 bedroom cottage in a Heritage Conservation Area in the Inner West of Sydney, and it needs to be modernised with  warm tones. Then I'll be hybernating in babyland for a little bit while I have my second baby, due in a minute!  I'm looking forward to returning to work again, developing the Interiors arm of my business and also designing the finishes, fixtures and fittings scheme for the new build I'm working on with my husband for our next family home.

Posted: 3rd MARCH 2017

New work for luxury developer TOGA out now. Our lifestyle shoot for  The Hunter residences at Double Bay was produced by Scharp. The attached image appears on Scharp's website and was photographed by Robert Walsh. See more info on the development HERE

Posted: 24th january 2017

I'm so, so lucky to get to work with such beautiful people like Candice Warner in my job. Always warm, always friendly, extremely professional. Last night was the Allan Border Medals 2017 event where David Warner won his second consectutive AB Medal. I worked on putting together a look for Candice that was bespoke, elegant and classic-ly red-carpet (or blue in this case, which is the 'new' red carpet!) Candice looked divine in her custom made gown by Talulah La Maison, jewels by Cerrone Jewellers, and accessories by Jimmy Choo. Hair and make-up by Normie.

Posted: 20th january 2017

Just wrapped a TVC and print shoot for the team at Triple M. Always a pleasure.

Posted: 16th january 2017

For the last few months I’ve been working with an Australian Designer on a gown for Iron Woman /Model Candice Warner, to attend the Allan Border Medals 2017 with husband and Australian Cricket Vice Captain David Warner. We custom designed a beautiful panelled beaded frock with Talulah, in what would be one of the first red carpet gowns for the launch of their new bespoke line Talulah La Maison. The Allan Border Medals will be taking place on the 23rd January 2017. Gown is almost complete and in final alteration stages.
CAD Illustrations courtesy of Talulah La Maison

Posted: 10th january 2017

20th December was settlement day for the new property that my husband and I purchased recently. This will eventually be our first family dream home, our second major structural renovation/ build, and my first major interior design projet which I will design and manage from scratch. We're so excited for the challenges and triumphs ahead. Construction is something thats long been in both mine and my husbands family, so we know the deal quite well.

Immediately on settlment day, we embarked on a $15k renovation to the inside and outside landscaping of the property, in order to make the house liveable and safe for rent, as it most certainly WAS NOT! The house had deteriorated over a number of years, and the state it was in became more apparent on closer inspection once we started ripping up carpet and opening cupboards. Surprises everywhere! We discovered windows that didnt open, locks that didnt work, cupboards where the hinged doors just completley fell off. We filled a whole skipbin in landscaping alone! We had a tight deadline of the 5th January 2017, to get real estate photos done and get the place listed for rent immediately, in order to advertise to target tenants suited to the property type- reclocations and uni students, share accomodation. The urgency was also to minimise our mortage repayments as soon as possible. Less the public holidays across Christmas and New Year, this left us 11 days to get all the work done. One of those was a 38 degree day so none of us were going to be in an air-conditioned house and up a ladder painting! We managed to get the renovation done in 10 days, with minor adjustments afterwards. The place was listed for 6 days before being leased- mission accomplished!

Our next task will be to prepare for an Asset Report as we have some major sewer pipes on our land. We will have the property surveyed. We will engage a local architect with excellent exxperience with our local council. And off we go!
More updates to come on this as it unfolds.

For me professionally this year, I plan to launch head first into my interior design work, reasearching and planning where I want to take my business in the future. The Interior Design course I completed last year was part of a larger long-term plan for a career change or re-direction, something I've been thinking about for a long time when I decided that fashion styling wasn't so suited to career longeivity until retirement. It's also not particularly something I wan't to be doing when I'm 50+ years old with much less energy and drive than I have now. So Interior Design feels like a natural evolution for me. It's an honest passion, and something I really enjoy. I still plan to style fashion and interiors as I have been doing, whilst I'm getting my Interiors work off the ground, building contacts and clients in a new industry - it will just be a shared focus for now.

On another note, my husband and I are preparing for our second baby's arrival in a  couple of months. I've learnt some  important lessons about work / life balance since having my first baby and returning to work within weeks, something I wouldnt recommend for a number of reasons! So I plan to put my family and my health first for a bit while I recover from the birth and adjust to a working life again with an energetic 28 month old and a newborn!

Cheers to 2017!

Posted: 13th december 2016

Recently announced was the new brekkie team for SEA FM Gold Coast. Heather, Dan + Ben hit the airwaves on the 5th December 2016.  Photographs by the delightful Steve Baccon

Posted: 24th November 2016

My husband and I just purcahsed another property in our favourite part of the world, Sydney's Inner West. We'd been looking for the right land in the right location for close to a year with the goal to purchase before end of 2016. We got in just in the nick of time, and we're so excited to begin our next life project.

We will be preparing for the new build over the coming months and I will be recording the Architectural planning, the Design Development, DA and Council Approval processes, and the works on site via a seperate tab here on my website. I will then of course be updating you on my personal baby- the Interior Design scheme I will design, along with the fixtures and final selections. I have been slowly merging into work within the Interior Design field since graduating from the course I studied for the last couple of years. This project is a chance to put into practice all that I've learnt, my first official personal 'Start to Finish' design brief.  

It's not often in life that you get the oportunity to embark on a completely brand new property build, tailored specifically to your family's requirements. Some couples never get the chance to start from scratch, performing only structural alterations and additions to properties throughout life. We're so thrilled about the opportunity ahead of us, and even though the site may come with its challenges, we intend to grab it by the horns! We had a great practice run with the alts and adds that my husband and I worked on with our other property three years ago, and we're looking forward to extending on that.
Updates to come!

Posted: 11th november  2016

Today was spent shooting the new team for SEA FM. Always a pleasure working with the Austereo crew and photographer Steve Baccon + co. Launch / Team reveal to come shortly.

Posted: 28th October 2016

Perfect weather and some stunning backdrops for a shoot for the marketing material for a new luxury residential developement by TOGA called The Hunter, and situated in Double Bay. I'm loving these kind of shoots at the moment which are feeding into my passion for the interiors world, and fusing it with my nostalgic love for fashion. And who doesn't love shooting poolside and feasting on the shoot props?

Posted: 18th october  2016

Another recent Ben + Co shoot that I worked on with the team at Ipoh for Chifley Plaza and agency Maud.

Posted: 16th September 2016

360 degree views of Sydney city at a night shoot for Chifley Plaza this week.

Posted: 2nd September 2016

Recently released is the Chifley Plaza retailer feature that I worked on. The feature highlights the personal hobbies of the retailers' within the centre which included Art + sculpture collecting, a poker champion and a wine connosseur.

Posted: 18th august 2016

Popped back into the 2Day FM office to style the new Rove + Sam TVC for their B'day cash giveaway. Always a delight working with the Austereo team.

Posted: 10th august 2016

Flashback to a little over a year ago. Working with Australian Crickets' glamour couple Candice + David Warner to bring their bridal parties' outfits together and ensure they were all looking sharp on their big day.
Candice's dress: Pallas Couture. Jewels by Cerrone
David's suit: Ermenegildo Zegna
Girls' dresses: Alex Perry. Jewels by Cerrone
Boy's suits: Giorgio Armani

Posted: 25th July 2016

Some recently released lingerie catalogue work for Best + Less. Always enjoy working with the divine Maddi King and Phoebe Ghorayeb.

Posted: 7th july 2016

Styled an Interiors set  and also some property styling  this week!

Posted: 14th June 2016

Shooting more of my favourite kind of styling lately- objects that dont move! LOVE working on product styling shots recently. With a nice amount of time allocated to each shot, you can really focus on getting perfect results- objects that are beautifully aligned and nicely balanced, getting the lighting right etc...

Posted: 8th june 2016

I've just wrapped work on a beautiful portrait series, dressing almost a dozen retailers for an in-centre publication.

Posted: 27th May 2016

Always a different day in my job! This week so far I've been  styling babie's and homewares.

Posted: 18th May 2016

I have enlisted a new assistant.

Her name is Ava. She's only a junior but is quickly making her mark. Ava is particularly skilled at prop sourcing and D.I.Y/ craft.

She's fiesty, she's quirky, she has a good eye, and has loads of stamina. AND she's loyal. The best qualitie's for a good assistant.

Her unfortunate downfalls for the role:

-she eats on the job far too often
-she dawdles
-is easily distracted

Posted: 12th May 2016

I'm particularly happy with some new work that's just come out in the Chifley Ben + Co publication. The art/ styling direction for this was  much more simplified and raw than what I've worked on recently, so it felt good to be a part of something fresh. These images feature retailers' M.J Bale, Marina Rinaldi, Acquila, Leona Edmiston, Rodd + Gunn, Karen Gee.
Photography by Adam Bryce.

Posted: 7th May 2016

I've always wanted to work with photographer Graham Shearer. He's a legend in Australian photography and just as cool on set as I'd imagined. We shot some models and kidlets for a recent Best + Less catalogue.

Posted: 2nd May 2016

We've just wrapped another shoot for Chifley Plaza Ben + Co issue 12. This time we worked with the beautiful Katie Braadvedt /Priscilla's and Sam  Stevenson /Viviens. Shot by Adam Bryce at The Golden Age Bar. Creative Director Toby Norris.

Posted: 16th April 2016

I recently worked on the styling for a series of product images to be used in centre to promote the services avaible at Chifley Plaza. The 'Hands' series, conceptualised by Maud agency, demonstrates the services of the Cobbler, Pharmacist, Dry Cleaner, Travel Agency, and Hair Salon.  The images also ran in the centre's publication Ben + Co.

Posted: 13th April 2016

It's been a while since I've posted, I haven't had a lot of desk time lately.

Just this week, I officially graduated from my Interior Design course, which is so relieving and exciting. Many long nights cutting swatches, preparing sample boards, and sitting in front of a compter screen led to this 'piece of paper', so it's so nice to be recognised for Interior Design, I'm so proud to have completed something I've wanted to do for almost a decade.

Posted: 20th March 2016

Okay, so promise I'm not a Stage Mom, but had to share my toddler's recent photo shoots for a catalogue she worked on. I style these catalogues, so its lucky for me that Ava doesn't come with food riders, tantrums and a diva attitude. Yet!

Posted: 24th February 2016

This week I've been working on a product shoot for the Chifley Plaza Ben + Co publication. The images will also be used on display around the centre. LOVING working on some beautifully crafted, and really art-directed still life at the moment...

Posted: 8th February 2016

Meetings, meetings, meetings! A couple of DDS catalogues, and more meetings!  I've also had a bit of time to go through four massive tubs of vintage (pre-2000!) Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris that I have stored in my garage. Still inspiring today.  On the personal front- it's yoga workshops and accupuncture keeping me busy!

Posted: 29th January 2016

I've just returned from a holiday at sea, with the last bit of my holidays spent cruising to New Caledonia. If you haven't 'cruised' before- as I hadn't - then don't diss it, just try it! SO good.
If you've made it this far, you've obviously seen my new website! It's much  more edited than the last one, and it's contents are more in line with where I'm at, creatively.
I'll continue to post, hopefully more often than previously.
Check in here when you get the chance!

Posted: 21st december 2015

What a year! It has been my most challenging to date, by far.
What have I learnt? Returning to work so early after having a baby is not recommended for a reason.  And  juggling a jerky baby with a  freelance schedule is much harder when you don't exactly know what days you're needed and where, until the 11th hour!
On the upside- as a new mother, I've learnt to be even more efficient than I ever was, getting more done in half the time. As a worker this means I think I do a much better job than I did before, because my time is valuable and I use it productively. My decision-making is more considered and speedier. I'm patient, but not a push-over. I'm still fleeting but more focussed. I'm now ambidextrous, And I can also do more with one free hand (and a baby on my hip!). I think these personal life changes make for a better professional outcome, which is why I'm so thrilled to be working.
My 'Me' time is sporadic and so it's more precious than ever before. When i switch off, I'm really off! Off-line and off-mind! 
No more late night emails when I'm lying in bed (but there's more early morning emails now!) Everything in my life is a lot more split up and compartmentalised. It's so refreshing to feel so in control when I reflect on the year that's been,  especially after a few unsettled weeks with a newborn earlier in the year.
As a freelancer, you can never really predict what's ahead, and as a person who has always shamelessley 'micro-managed' every facet of her life, this can feel like you're strapped to the front of a freight-train speeding at 200km/h under the cloak of darkness.  Add to this the responsibilities of having a dependant, and you've got a scary outlook. But I'm so relieved  that I've made it to the other end of the year, and it's been another one doing exactly what I love. How lucky I am!
With my Interior Design studies completed part-way through this last year, my focus for 2016 will be to combine my Fashion and Interior knowledge together. I want to continue to style, but I want to work some more with product and homewares. I'm hoping to build contacts in the Interior Design arena, and continue to foster relationships with fashion clients. Fusing the two industries' is not a new concept. Fashion and Interiors do go hand-in-hand I think, so my immediate goal is to become more valuable and more broadly-skilled as a stylist- not restricted to working with beautiful clothes. I think in 2016, and epecially since the social media revolution, a Stylist (or any vocation for that matter) needs to be diverse and open-minded.
So here's to the New Year! I'll definitely be downing a drink. Looking forward to the next year to come.

Posted: 15th December 2015

More product styling this week! Wrapping up the year with work on a Best + Less catalogue for early next year.

Posted: 12th October 2015

Today's random task- hand painting a ruler for a Back to School shoot

Posted: 18th September 2015

My work on a DDS catalogue recently had me building a product shot of bath mats with so much stuffing, it towered to almost a metre tall, resembling a pretty meaty bath mat burger!

Posted: 9th September 2015

A 7am call time and a trek out to Palm Beach had me packed and ready to go super early for the NAIR Sensitive video series shoot. And the weather Gods were NOT on our side. The rain had been threatening all week, but a delayed shoot date meant that there was little time left for post-prod, and we had to go ahead with the shoot. We shot a number of different women in different settings, for an online roll-out scheduled for October.

Posted: 25th August 2015

I always love shooting with photographer Matt Webb. He's no fuss, no ego, and he calls the shot when he's got it- which makes for a smoother shoot all round! We worked on the campaign images for luxury brand Everyday Cashmere. The shoot was at Bankstown airport in a gorgeous private jet. Bright blue skies and a gorgeous sunset ensued, giving us the backdrop for the shots we needed

Posted: 14th August 2015

It's a wrap! For my Interior Design Diploma that is...
Around the time I went freelance as a stylist, I decided I wanted to extend on my Fashion Design knowledge by studying Interior Design. And I've just graduated from CATC Design School after 2 gruelling years learning the art of technical drawing, perspective sketching, the history of architecture and furniture design, plus loads of CAD programs like SketchUp, AutoCAD and the Artlantis rendering program. There were many late nights where I wanted to throw it all in, but it was all with the purpose to gain the knowledge to back up my next long term goal, which will involve my passion for beautiful Interior spaces and a foray into the Interiors arena. Will have more info to come on this in the New Year.
All with a new baby in tow, it's made for a pretty mammoth year so far. Here's some examples of my work.

Posted: 12th July 2015

I've been working on the catalogues for Best + Less recently. The ‘Baby Week' catalogue (yes! we shot a WHOLE WEEK of babies!) came around and so my daughter Ava was asked to be in the shoot. Normally, working with Children or animals is a nightmare, but when you have your own baby on set, it ain't so bad! And she didn't come with fancy requests or food riders! Just needed a blanky and some TLC.

Posted: 12 June 2015

The agency working for Priceline approached me to work on their 'Beauty of Health' TVC, which required many assistants, a huge shoot crew and a very long day spent in at Mondo Studios. Directed by Grant Matthews, this brief required the styling of different age groups of women and men, and pulling together looks for some of Priceline's real life pharmacists.

Posted: 19 May 2015

I've recently begun working with the team in at Best N Less head office to style their regular catalogue's for the talent and flat lay shoots. There's often some creative 'propping' required too which is always fun. Such a great job to be working on as it can be ongoing, progressive,  and developmental,  therefore requiring a nice bit of commitment!

Posted: 1 May 2015

Oh how I love a day on set with the boys from the Grill Team! Mark Geyer, when he's not pilfering from the styling wardrobe, is always good for a laugh, as is Gus Worland and Matty Johns. Part of my brief for this job was to source a Chinese Dictator's outfit to resemble something Kim Jong Un would wear! So random, but another reason why I love my job, always a different day! Working with the delightful photographer Steve Baccon again, is also always a pleasure.

Posted: 23 April 2015

The Ben & Co publication I work on with the team at Ipoh and agency Maud is going from strength to strength each issue. This time, the theme for the fashion I sourced was 'Types of Leaders', assuming that different CEO's wear different styles of work attire, depending on their style of leadership. Fun project, and the resulting product shots are beautiful.

Posted: 20 April 2015

The last few months of 2014 and through into 2015 had me working on the bridal party / outfit styling for Candice Falzon + David Warner's wedding. I met with Candice and David several times to decide on a look and feel for the bridal party, and then organised fittings with various designers to get it all styled and organised. Working with Candice and David was a dream, one of the nicest couples in the biz!

Posted: 29 November 2014

As I sit here writing this with two days until the due date of my first baby, I'm looking forward to having a few months hiatus from my freelance styling  to spend time with the husband and newborn, just playing Mum for a bit and celebrating the gorgeous Sydney sunshine I look forward to every Summer.
Making the choice, after 14 years together, to finally take time out to have a baby this year was the biggest decision my husband and I have had to make. And if you're any type of freelancer, you'll understand exactly why.  Being  freelance is a delicate balancing act of all sorts. My styling work is in a good place now, and the time is better than ever for us. I'm looking forward to splitting my time between my work and baby duties.
See you when I'm back at it part-way into 2015! It's been a good one!
Silhouettes by Olillia, sourced from Flikr

Posted: 14 November 2014

A year on from my mammoth TVC for Colgate, produced by agency Collider, and the commercials are still running on TV, and in print in the big glossies! Must be one of the longest running campaigns in toothpaste history and makes me smile when I hear the catchy tune come on the box. This job was one of the biggest (in terms of co-ordinating, costing and documenting all the looks for the TVC) and most memorable shoots in my four years as a freelancer. I hope to do more work like this job.

Posted: 5 November 2014

Valleygirl's Autumn shoot rolled around and this time we worked with photographer Steven Popovich. The Pop's is always a good laugh to have on set, and we had fun working in studio with a bunch of floral/coloured backdrops and some 'branches' for visual effect.

Posted: 27 October 2014

I worked with client Helen Kaminski and their design agency again this season for their publication that they produce, which is all about hats and bags! The shoot mainly involves precision product styling, which I love because it can be challenging; harnessing the rim of the hats on fishing line so that they can suspend in the air from c-stands can be fun, as can using all different sized objects to stuff and prop up bags and hats...

Posted: 17 October 2014

I was lucky enough to work on the last Ben + Co publication for Chifley Plaza with Ipoh. The publication this time had a strong racing theme and was a lot of fun to put together, as always!

Posted: 17 September 2014

Photographer Matt Webb and I travelled with the rest of the crew to Mollymook for the Everyday Cashmere website images. We shot at Rick Stein's beautiful Bannister's restaurant and were lucky enough to hang out in the penthouse for a couple of days. Amazing crew, great client and fab weather.

Posted: 7th September 2014

It seems that every time I work with my clients at Lend Lease, the weather is unfortunately not optimal for shooting. It’s either unbearable heat, with all the crew seeking solace out of the sun- or it’s teaming with rain!
We always seem to get the shots that we need though! This shoot was for the Erina Fair catalogue, where we shot the competition winners of the ‘Face of Erina Fair’ in fashion I needed to source from the centre.

Posted: 28th August 2014

My Summer styling tips and tricks that appeared on Missy Confidential’s website...

Posted: 18th August 2014

I worked with a creative agency on Sally Hansen’s racewear campaign roll-out, where they will be introducing their new Spring colour palette with racing ambassador Kate Waterhouse. We created a series of raceday looks to appear in credited advertorials within Elle, Harpers, CLEO, Who and Famous mags. Kate, as always, was a dream to work with- we had lots of gorgeous race-worthy frocks for her to try, and divine headpieces supplied by the one and only Nerida Winter.

Posted: 4th August 2014

Valleygirl’s Summer campaign shoot was based around the ‘Tropicana’ trend, with lots of palm prints, florals and bold colours. I had quite a bit of propping to do for this brief, so had the 4WD full to the brim with beach lounges, umbrellas, faux flowers, 5 flamingoes, 65 pieces of fruit plus large watermelons, and pineapples (more difficult than you think to find with the leaves still on!). We shot at a gorgeous big property in Double Bay.

Posted: 31st July 2014

I worked on the web campaign pics for Fame & Partners, an online retailer specialising in frocks of all kinds. ‘Statement accessories’ was the brief, and so, using two models, we worked through a load of evening looks, worn back with heels and in some cases sneakers!

Posted: 14th July 2014

I worked on a White Christmas tableware shoot for a magazine called Home Design, which sits in the Interior/ Architecture category. It was a bit of a new experience for me as I don’t get to do that much home wares styling in my job, and it quickly became one of the largest jobs I’ve done in terms of product and packaging (dozens of Wedgwood crystal items come in loads of packaging and bubble wrap!). Way more physically intensive than any fashion shoot I’ve done which mainly requires garment bags and suitcases. Made me appreciate an interior stylists job! I really enjoyed putting it all together and of course, working with my FAVE product photographer the legendary Philip Le Masurier

Posted: 23rd June 2014

Gosh it’s so refreshing to work for a client like GingerLilly sleepwear, who appreciates all things pretty, feminine and beautiful. I’m constantly finding that clients forever want ‘edgy’ in their briefs (which actually is a closer match to my personal style), but it’s really nice to work with a gorgeous girly mood now and then.

Posted: 9th June 2014

Good Weekend (Fairfax) recently approached me to shoot gorgeous designer Camilla Franks for their cover and inside story. I loved working with Camilla (and her HUGE Cane Corso dogs) at her home. Camilla’s signature prints and her global aesthetic is something timeless that I’ve always admired.

Posted: 23rd May 2014

Outfit planning for a celebrity wedding has been filling some of my days of late, with appointments for suit fittings and bridal gown design meetings. I will be working on pulling together the bridal party attire and of course styling the bride and groom’s outfits for their wedding part way in to the New Year.

Posted: 6th May 2014

A bit of a new thing for me over the last couple of years has been Interiors. The love for residential interiors specifically has always been there, but I’ve recently put this in to practise by studying for my Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. I’m half way through my course, and within a short time, I’ll be qualified to specify for Interior projects, and equipped with the knowledge for interior styling. I figure this will go hand in hand with my Fashion Design Advanced Diploma that I obtained when I left school. The two ideas kind of fuse together, and for me it seemed like a natural progression to build on from my fashion knowledge.

Posted: 15th April 2014

Shooting still-life set-up shots is one of my favourite things to do. It’s something I tried to do for years during my time as fashion editor at Cosmopolitan. I pitched set-up theme ideas to my editor on several occasions, but it apparently just didn’t suit the format/signature of that particular title. It’s great that as a freelancer, I’ve had opportunities to really develop my set-up product shot skills- it’s required from so many clients these days, especially with the move to online retail and publications.
This time I was working with Helen Kaminski’s hats and bags, styling all the product shots for their upcoming brand publication. It was a long 12 hour day, but was so fun and challenging because it all had to align so precisely in frame.

Posted: 28th March 2014

I’m lucky in my job to be able to shoot all over the place at some really stunning locations. A recent shoot for Fast Future Brands was at a house in Wahroonga (pictured), which I’ve worked at on four separate shoots now. It keeps appearing on my call sheets, and seems a favourite with many clients.

In other news, this week was working on a bi-annual publication (which is laid out in more of a gazette format) for Chifley Plaza called Ben & Co. I’ve worked on this publication several times now. It’s a nice project to work on, as it’s such a beautiful retail space, situated in such an old Art Deco building.

Posted: March 21st 2014

I've been going to Cairns twice a year for the last few seasons to work on the Cairns Central catalogue. Depending on whether its Wet season or not, our shoots are always something different! We've had torrential rain several times, but others its just so darn hot. This time we shot at the airport so I got to test out a chopper in my neon get-up.

Posted: February 12th 2014

It was my second time shooting the accessories campaign and web pics for Zjoosh. The brand has a really femimine aesthetic and is geared towards a late-20's to mid-30's demographic. Zjoosh develops some gorgeous jewellery, bags and scarves, with the recent addition of cushions and homewares to the store.

Posted: January 24th 2014

For part of December, and most of January and February, I've been working on fully producing and styling 8 stories for Complete Weddings magazine's issue #37. I do love a bit of bridal, reminding me of my first styling work for Cosmopolitan Bride back in 2003. The theme's for these stories were varied, but from the two you see below; one was based on the Runaway Bride shot out at Port Botany (commando-style sans permit) by Scott Lowe, and the other was inspired by the Australian Outback, also shot by Scott Lowe.

Posted: January 20th 2014

I've been working a little bit with the divine Candice Falzon recently, prepping her outfit for the Allan Border Medals, where she accompanied partner and Australian cricketer David Warner. For Candice, we decided to emphasise her signature golden girl look, working  her tanned skin and sun-kissed hair with a bronze sequin look by Ae'lkhemi.

Posted: January 10th 2014

My first week back at work for 2014 and I'm working on Colette By Colette Hayman Accessories' Winter 2014 campaign. The shoot location was at Sydney's Carriageworks, with styling references to street-style fashion – a trend that's in line with Colette's 'loud and statement' signature.

Posted: December 22nd 2013

What a way to end the year, with a cracker of a TVC prep and shoot production week, working on a new spot for Colgate Optic White toothpaste. The brief for this shoot was so exciting, requiring quite a bit of prep and several heavily accessorised day-to-night look changes, to be flashed over 30 seconds of air time. It was produced by the talented team at Collider, directed by Damon Cameron.

Posted: December 4th 2013

With the impending launch of The Carousel, an online lifestyle website by ex-Bauer publisher Robyn Foyster and co, I was invited to contribute my styling to a small shoot for the first website reveal. Photographer/make-up artist Glenn Nutley was in town from LA to shoot the story, and we worked with Make-up Director and L'Oreal Ambassador Elsa Morgan, hairstylist Rae Bouribon, and cute-as-a-button model Lydia Simonis.

Posted: November 28th 2013

I worked with Ipoh and agency MacDowell on a re-branding campaign for Chifley Tower, in Sydney's CBD. It involved a chauffer, corporate attire from the centres' retailers and an amazing team to work with.

Posted: November 8th 2013

I've always loved working on Valleygirl and Temt's campaigns. The locations are always fun, and we often have the set quite heavily propped. The last location for Valleygirl was true to my personal style, a little bit ghetto and rough around the edges- the rooftop of an old warehouse building in Surry Hills was the perfect shoot spot. I've shot here twice but luckily it's still relatively undiscovered by Sydney's creative crews, so it's still a bit of a rare gem.

Posted: November 5th 2013

Photographer She is Frank and I had the opportunity to shoot new IMG model Lydia Simonis (I've raved about her before on my blog) for a swim story on Sydney's Shelly Beach. We wanted to shoot some looks that were in a commercial style, and something that felt quite Australian. I swear that every time I shoot on a beach, it rains… so this morning was definitely a challenge.

Posted: October 11th 2013

What do you get when you combine Nick and Jamie Scott, a humorous Californian model Megan Hawkins, a superstar grooming team of Naomi McFadden and Kimberley Forbes, some Akubra hats, a Fendi-inspired Mohawk, a suburban Sydney household, a motorbike, and a splashing of Gucci and Isabel Marant? You get a cracker of a day and some pretty darn hot results. For the last shoot for my blog we wanted to channel a Western lone star in something that was photographically quite raw and real. For the second story, we changed things up and went all Marianne Faithfull, putting Megan on a motorbike in retro threads.

Posted: October 7th 2013

I've learnt in my career as a Fashion Stylist and Producer, that on any given day you can wind up doing some pretty random things. My job can go from furniture removalist and painter, cook and food prep, minder of animals and small children, negotiator, entertainer, speed sourcer, insomniac. I've had to climb and balance (sometimes on one foot, with a bumbag strapped to my waist and holding a garment bag and heels) for the perfect shot, be empathetic and sensitive when shooting a cancer survivor, opinion-restrained when shooting a politician, and optimistic when shooting in the rain at last light with 4 shots to go. Never in this job so far, have I shot in several locations over Sydney, including Coles in Waterloo, with a giant red question mark in tow. This one was for Women's Health feature and was a testament to why no day is the same when you're a freelance stylist.

Posted: October 3rd 2013

I was briefed for a Sunday Life cover and feature with Tanya Plibersek and her children at her home in Sydney's Rosebery, shot by Hugh Stewart. Tanya was so hospitable and lovely. Political views aside, she has become one of my favourite politicians. Tanya made breakfast and lunch for the crew, and chose to buy several of the items she wore on the day.

Posted: SeptEMBER 19th 2013

I was asked to help out stylist Georgia Ashdown by shooting actor and chef Sylvia Colocca for her blog Dishpig. Sylvia was releasing a new cookbook, and Georgia was just about to go in to labour, so I was briefed to source 80's/90's fashion with a bit of a Versace feel and pull the styling together.

Posted: August 31st 2013

Photographer Henryk Lobaczewski and I worked on the website and in-store images for a new salon opening soon. We photographed three models in fleshy combo's, including favourite Paris Roberts (London Mgmt).

Posted: August 27th 2013

Another Summer catalogue for Macarthur Square shopping centre. We had great weather for our location shoot! Always fun to shoot with Nick Scott, and a great two days in studio shooting product with Philip Le Masurier. We shoot a mix of new fashion, beauty, homewares, and tech items on offer at the centre.

Posted: July 25th 2013

Six models and twelve looks in one day, including mammoth hair and make-up changes by Keiren Street and Felicia Yong. Christian Blanchard shot this story for Kneon magazine. We got to try out some new arrivals too which was great.
The idea was to shoot each girl au natural and then transform them into a different character. Fun day!

Posted: July 20th 2013

Another shoot for my blog, this time we worked with models Shanna and Leah. Photographed by the amazing Michael Naumoff and beautiful hair and make-up by Gavin Anesbury.

Posted: July 16th 2013

This was the third time I've worked with Frontage and the client Sony Asia Pacific, on a mammoth three day job produced by RP Represents. Huge propping, huge prepping and huge shoot days. Assitant Carrie was pooped at the end of it, as was I!

Posted: July 5th 2013

I always LOVE working the crew at ValleyGirl and Temt. This time we shot some fun stuff for Summer 2013 campaigns.

Posted: June 29th 2013

I did my first shoot exclusively for my blog It was a full on day, we shot three stories including high end lingerie from I.M Boutique and some gorgeous jewellery, some looks from Chanel's Pre-Fall collection, and new Collette Dinnigan. Photographed by Michael Naumoff, Hair Gavin Anesbury, make-up by the devine Nadine Monley.

Posted: June 1st 2013

I recently shot a new girl called Celia with photographer Nicholas Samartis. We just wanted to test this girl because she has such a beautiful face, long limbs (she's a ballet dancer!) and was scouted by Steven Chamberlain, but is currently unrepresented

Posted: May 30th 2013

IA 3am alarm clock was a distant memory at Palm Beach when we wrapped the Jeanswest Spring launch shoot around 5pm. Long day, but we had perfect weather and a great crew. I always love working with Bel Waller at Jeanswest and the DDB crew – calm and organised and with a clear vision for the brand. Simon Upton photographed this with Vic Baron on hair and make-up

Posted: May 20th 2013

Hush Communications contacted me in May asking me if I'd like to take part in a styling competition for one of their clients Ecco Shoes. The task was to choose two pairs of shoes, one from the Summer collection and one from the Winter and to style it up with outfits of our choice, direction for hair and make-up and set props/photo treatment. A total of 10 stylists took part, from fitness to some 'prominent' (or dominant!?!) high fashion stylists. We all got to work with the photographer Nicholas Samartis, make-up Allison Boyle, hair Keiren Street. I ended up winning the competition with $10,000 prize money in the pocket. Going straight towards home reno's, not designer threads

Posted: May 5th 2013

For the Temt Spring shoot, we shot at the most beautiful old house in Woollahra. It's apparently used mainly for dinner parties, with its grand dining area adjacent to the kitchen. Lots of history in this place! We brought in loads of faux flowers and literally covered the house with them to create an overgrown garden feel...

Posted: May 1st 2013

I love it when a gorgeous young, polite, unaffected model comes along, especially if they're international. Solveig Mork from IMG was just that. We shot her for the ValleyGirl Spring campaign with photographer She is Frank. We had such a fun day shooting with loads of props at an eclectic artists' residence. Such a bonus too when for once, the location is in my hood – Balmain, Sydney!

Posted: April 15th 2013

Each time I shoot the Cairns Central catalogue (twice a year) we manage to get either mind-blowing humidity or scorching temperatures OR torrential rain. It rained for the whole seven days I was there sourcing and through pre-production unfortunately, but didn't hinder our performance! Below, the photographer and Art Directory hide beneath a brolly, and tents were erected to so we could keep diving for cover between showers.

Posted: March 22nd 2013

The rack of block colours and simple patterns for Sunday Life's columnists shoot for photographer Damien Bennett, where we shot Yumi Stynes, the hilarious Jane Caro, and the ever delightful Pat Ingram.

Posted: March 18th 2013

The latest Temt and ValleyGirl shoots I styled back in January for their Winter release in-store.

Posted: MArch 10th 2013

In an effort to find more time and as part of a New Years resolution to see more cultural exhibits, I attended the Powerhouse Museum's 'Love Lace' exhibition, curated by a friend of mine. I just love lace. I always have. Lace's in all their forms were displayed in many different mediums. Favorites' would have to have been the lace tea set, and hand-crocheted gloves, where the artist modeled them all on her left hand, whilst she worked with her right.

Posted: March 4th 2013

It's true, I love myself a footballer! And especially one asadorable as the gentle giant Mark Geyer, who I've had the pleasure of shooting three times now. The Triple M rugby commentators were tacked on to the end of a shoot for the Today FM/ Austereo hosts.

Posted: 22nd February 2013

Another mammoth shopping centre catalogue for Macarthur Square has almost finished production. I've spent the last 3 weeks sourcing in centre out at Campbelltown, and styling all the magazines' fashion, beauty, sport and homewares pages. Below is a sample of some of the items you can pick up at Macarthur Square; statement sweaters, and Doctor-bag shaped totes.
Who's that in the bushes? it's photographer Nick Scott being a clown in between shots. Again...

Posted: 31st January 2013

IRemix recently commissioned photographer Thomasz Machnik to shoot a bunch of girls for their March issue, and he asked me to collaborate with him. Out theme was Ladies at Lunch, a bit of a loose take on a Stepford Wife / Park Ave Princess type woman, made up of looks from Spring 13 Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, Bally and Burberry, amongst others.

Posted: 24th January 2013

We recently began product on the 3rd issue of WHITE magazine for Tony Bianco Shoes. WHITE is full of shoes of course, but also includes a good dose of beauty, health and fashion advice. I flew down to Melbourne to shoot their still-life product shots, and then back to Sydney to shoot the main with photographer Holly Blake. Tony Bianco's new Winter collection is a mix of touch boots in all forms chelsea, biker, knee-high and a gorgeous punchy mix of Winter's hot colours rust, pine and indigo.

Posted: 21st December 2012

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best of luck for 2013! Love Sarah.
Photos by Carlotta Moye for Cosmopolitan

Posted: 23rd November 2012

The Village People were in town for their concert tour, and also as ambassadors for the World Aids Day fundraising campaign for 2012. I worked with the World Aids Day last year also, so was stoked when I was asked back again this year to prep and customise the World Aids Day tee's for the Village People.

Posted: 15th November 2012

Poster Magazine's 10th anniversary issue was recently released, with a fab launch party at Sdney's Park Hyatt. The cover, shot by Nicholas Samartis, features none other than the divine Marthe Wiggers on the cover.

Posted: 13th November 2012

It's not often that I get to work on men's stuff so I was happy recently when photographer Thomasz Machnik asked me to collaborate on a story with Remix magazine. We got an old Merc, a bike and two male models to work suiting from the likes of M.J Bale and Ermenegildo Zenga.
For the styling, I was inspired by tailoring and the satorialist dress sense of polished Mailanese men at fashion week in particular.

Posted: 14th October 2012

I have recently entered the blogosphere with a new Wordpress site called Moda Maison. You'll find me posting regularly on mainly French and Italian luxry fashion, home and art, including launches, collaborations, and anything that appeals to me really..head to to subscribe, or like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter, or pinterest!!!!

Posted: 27th September 2012

Tony Bianco shoes recently wanted to get their second issue of the successful WHITE magazine underway, so we planned a mix of editorial content that said 'party' and 'Summer'. We shot swimwear and sandals on the sand, bright colours to remind us of the warmer days to come, and glitzy heels against a disco ball on perspex for added shine. MJ, the gorgeous model flew in from Alice Springs for our main fashion stories in studio.

Posted: 12th September 2012

I recently worked on a fabulous brief for Ooh La La accessories. Keeping true to the brand's kive of all things French, we kept the clothing palette quite neutral, and shot on location at a European style café and bar.

Posted: 1st September 2012

Marthe Wiggers, with IMG Australia, is a gorgeous new Australian/Dutch model. Super-young and such a pleasure to work with. We were able to launch Marthe on her first Australia cover for Poster magazine, before all the mainstream mags get a hold of her!
We shot this on a freezing cold winter's day a few weeks back. Marthe copped the entire breeze and the sea-spray, and never complained once. Certainly one to watch.

Posted: 30th August 2012

For the Cairns Central shopping centre catalogue, I went to Cairns to shoot some still life and main fashions for the catalogue. We used the Shangri-La hotel s our base shot on and around the Marina. We had humid weather and threatening rain, with the clouds dropping in and out all day..
The gorgeous model, Ksenija flew in from Sydney for the shoot.

Posted: 29th August 2012

ValleyGirl's super cute Summer campaign starring Theresa Oman and shot around Sydney's northern beaches. Avalon and Palm Beach were the perfect backdrops for the easy vibe of these high Summer pieces.

Posted: 13th August 2012

I recently shot the Macarthur Square shopping centre catalogue with photographers Nick Scott. What fun we had on set in the beautiful Japanese Gardens in Campbelltown, where the centre is based. The weather wasn't on our side, so we had to run to shelter out of the rain in between shots. .During the studio shoot for the catalogue, assistant Carrie kep my Moodle X maltese called Javier entertained in between shots.
This was his 6th photo shoot. Superstar in the making. He needs an agent.

Posted: 1st August 2012

Serial snapper Steven Chee shot the beautiful Spring Summer images for Rodeo Show. Two models were used in the campaign this time to reflect the 'sisterhood' of the brands' customers. The range was made up of plenty of exclusive feminine prints, lave, silks and many dresses for night or day. The shoot crew snacked on all things good and bad…

Posted: 2nd July 2012

I'm currently in the middle of working on the regular EDM's for Tony Bianco shoes. We are also shooting an exciting new project, due to launch in early August- which will be a first for the shoe industry in Australia.

Posted: 26th June 2012

I've been working with the divine Delta Goodrem again recently, helping
her out with appearances- jewellery and shoes plus some custom made
pieces for The Voice. This girl is one of the busiest, hardest-working
people I've ever met.

Posted: 18th May 2012

I was lucky enough to shoot in the most beautifully decorated French-style house in Wahroongah for the ValleyGirl Spring 2012 campaign. The gardens were untouched and wildy growing, and the interior rooms were a feast for the eyes!

Posted: 15th May 2012

For the July issue of Cleo, I worked on a 'Colour' shoot with one of my most favourite photographers, Paul Suesse. The super-human Keiren Street, amazing Justine Purdue, and the ever-beautiful Bella Barber completed the team. How strange to be back at my old workplace, ACP, but working for what would have been my direct competitor if I was still Fashion Editor at Cosmo. Ahhh... the beauty of being freelance means my loyalty no longer lies in one place!

Posted: 28th April 2012

When the new Spring Summer season rolls around, I can never wait to get my hands on the gorgeous pieces. It's so refreshing to have new trends. I worked on a creative shoot inspired by the Spring 2012's playful florals, quirky prints and edible colours…

Posted: 4th April 2012

Ahhh it's a tough job shooting on a yacht on beautiful Sydney harbour on a sunny Friday afternoon! I'm not the best at working in confined spaces, as I like to spread my stuff out, but we had makeshift racks in the under cabin to keep everything dry for Who Magazine's Most Beautiful People shoot with Manu Fiedel.

Posted: 16th March 2012

Sunny Girl's Winter 2012 pictures were shot on another really hot day. We had a mustang arrive for the shoot, and model Eva Downey (The Agency) got right into the retro vibe of the shoot, which was loosely inspired by the whole Prada hot-rod thing washing over fashion at the moment.

Posted: 24th February 2012

It was a boiling 30 degrees out at Belgenny Farm in Camden when we were shooting the Macarthur Square magazine for Winter 2012. We had a professional sheep herder to keep the sheep in one area behind the model for the opening shot of the first fashion spread. Photog Nick Scott worked quickly to ensure the sheep were shot front on. The hardest part was getting them to keep their faces, not their butts, to the camera.

Posted: 29th January 2012

Beautiful French, Italian and Spanish lingerie were chosen for this lingerie story for Cream Magazine. Ilona (Chic Mgmt) has one of the most toned bodies in Sydney so was a natural choice for our lingerie story.

Posted: 19th January 2012

Norwegian model Lise flew into Sydney the day before our Rodeo Show Winter 2012 campaign shoot. Still jet-lagged, she battled the 3.30am call time and the drive to Bowral and managed to stay chirpy the whole time. This girl will be working like a demon during her stay, no doubt.

Posted: 15th January 2012

Photographer Gen Kay and I were lucky enough to get a day with 19 year-old Jess Gold (Maverick) in Melbourne before she jets back to NYC. One of the most down-to-earth girls I've worked with. We were shooting a mix of International and Australian designers for the inaugural issue of Tokyo based, Union magazine, which will launch in March 2012.

Posted: 23rd December 2011

The threatening weather forecast wasn't enough to delay a fun two days shooting Knits and denim for Jeanswest. Centennial Park was the perfect backdrop. Only kilometers from the CBD, but that location never fails to give the impression it could be anywhere!

Posted: 15th December 2011

The divine Delta Goodrem has been back in Oz for the last month and a bit following the Arias. I have been looking after her wardrobe whilst she's here- and she's proving to be a pleasure!
Below left: in Woodford & Co, Natasha, Louis Vuitton and Elke at the Aria's rehearsals
Below right: in Michael Lo Sordo top and skirt, Mulberry bag, Gucci heels in her home town, Glenhaven.
Middle left: in Willow dress, Assad Mounser earrings (, Maison Martin Margiela cuff, and Louboutin heels at the Cruising Yacht Club.
Middle right: in Willow jacket and skirt, Jan Logan jewellery, and Louboutin heels at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre.
Bottom left and middle: In Louis Vuitton leather lace dress and mary-jane heels and stud bracelets from Fall 11, and Bulgari rings, at the Louis Vuitton store launch with Yves Carcelle.
Bottom Right: In Hermes top, Rebecca Vallance skirt, Peeptoe heels and Rachel Gilbert blazer.

Posted: 13th December 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes! Tony Bianco does some pretty darn good ones for Winter. My fave would be the John boot in black/white tiger stripe and the Alicante shape with its hook heel and snake colours. I'm putting together the Winter newsletter EDMS for TB online.

Posted: 8th December 2011

Tiah!!! Oh how i love her! She was the model of choice for Peeptoe's Winter 2012 'Femme Fetale' campaign which was shot again by Kane Skennar (Creative). Make-up by Charlie Keilty

Posted: 28th November 2011

I recently spent a few days working on a job for Sony in Melbourne with photographer Gen Kay and the sugarsweet Bradwyn Jones. The client was from Singapore. Part of the hair brief was to colour the tips with Kevin Murphy's chalky 'Colour Bugs'- a fun way to get coloured tips, fast!

Posted: 22 October 2011

Photographer Matthew Webb and I recently worked with new model, Shanna. This girl is going to be HUGE! And she is the sweetest girl around. Can't wait to get the shots on the web.

Posted: 23 September 2011

Chloe B (Chic) was the model for SunnyGirl's Summer images for the website. We had perfect weather for the sun-kissed images, shot in Centennial Park by snapper Mick Bruzzese (Names Agency).

Posted: 20 September 2011

We went to the Red Centre (Alice Springs) was the location for the last Jeanswest campaign I worked on with photographer Chris Searl and maquillage Nadine Monley.

Posted: 15 September 2011

Earlier this year, I worked on the award-winning and very vibrant campaign, Sony Vaio C Series, with Justine O'Donnell of ACP, published across multiple titles. The images picked up Best Integrated Campaign at The Glossies - the Australian magazine industry's answer to the Oscars.

Posted: 05 September 2011

A hard day at the office! I spent a week shooting at beautiful Cairns. These shots were at the Angsana Resort in Palm Cove.

Posted: 08 August 2011

A golf course out at Camden was the location for one of the Macarthur Square magazine shoots. The golf buggie's were perfect for ferrying the models from the van to the shoot spots, and played wardrobe during the day.

Posted: 15 July 2011

Working with footy's funniest blokes ever Mark Geyer, Matty Johns, Gus Worland, and Peter Stirling. A brilliant couple of days on set.
Shot for Austereo by Steve Baccon.

Posted: 13 June 2011

What fun shooting into the night in the backstreets of Annandale for Israel Cruz's new clip "Party Up" (Universal/ Ministry of Sound). Produced by Silo Collective and directed by former hair/make-up creative Benn Jae- who is such a natural at this stuff, I can't believe he ever spent so long with the hairdryer in hand.

Posted: 10 June 2011

A shoot at Manly's army barracks with photographer Gianluca Santoro. This one's for Italian magazine, IKI. This is my fourth time working with model, Ilona Novacek, and she's definitely a favourite.

Posted: 19 May 2011

I recently worked with new model Krystal Glynn. This girl is going to be amazing. At only 16 years old, she's still getting the hang of things- but I don't think it will be too long before she leaves our shores to conquer Europe

Posted: 08 May 2011

Working with photographer Nick Scott is one of my joys in life! I was lucky enough to work on the Sony VAIO job with him and Justine O'Donnell for CLEO, Cosmo and Ok! magazines.

Posted: 21 April 2011

Fashion weeks invites coming in thick and fast. The favourite is a tie between Josh Goot's sexy white and silver, and Rachel Gilbert's bold lime green.

Posted: 01 April 2011

Another hard day in the office. Bondi Icebergs was one of the lush locations for the recent Cleo Bachelors shoot.

Posted: 31 March 2011

A recent shoot for Westfield Belconnen, involved 4am starts and the early morning chill in Canberra

Posted: 7 February 2011

I recently worked had the pleasure of working again, with the divine Ruby Rose on a shoot for Maybelline New York. My brief was to source something similar to Versace's $10K purple paneled dress. Make-up artists Nigel Stanislaus ( used Falsies Volume Express mascara to create big fat lashes for the shoot.

Posted: 19th december 2010

I've recently begun working with Sunday Life magazine, an insert that comes with the paper! I'll be contributing weekly with work towards the flat lay and main fashion styling, as well as feature stories. Very exciting move for me on my exit out of Cosmo, as it means I'll get to work with a wider range of brands. The circulation is huge which is some added pressure but all part of the job!

Posted: 17 December 2010

Some behind-the-scene's shots from two shoots for Wish, with supermodel Iekeleine Stange. One of the best 'movers' I've ever worked with!

Posted: 12 December 2010

Talk About It campaign
I recently participated in the Cotton On's 'Talk About It' campaign as an ambassador with a bunch of other fun Australian's, to raise awareness for Beyond Blue and to target depression amongst youths via a t-shirt design. $10 from the sale of every $24.95 tee went to Beyond Blue.

Posted: 06 December 2010

My last editorial shoot for Cosmopolitan mag, in the March 2011 issue. Theme was based around the Notebook movie. We shot in Bowral. In the rain. All day..